Top Phone Contracts For Bad Credit

How to choose the right mobile phone contract for bad credit?

Looking for a new mobile phone can be complicated. Looking for one when you have bad credit or are unsure of your current credit score can be frustrating and sometimes disappointing when you're rejected for a phone contract.

Luckily, there are some tips to find the right mobile contract for bad credit!

Pick the right kind of deal

This is kind of like step "0" since you need to decide whether a phone contract is the best option. There are LOADS of great SIM deals on the market and even some no credit check SIM deals which will help you save money and have much easier acceptance criteria. If a SIM sounds like the right thing for you, check out Three's SIM options as well as Voxi and Smarty for no credit check SIM deals.

If you 100% want a new mobile contract then Accept Phones can help!

Pick the right network

Not all mobile phone networks are equal if you need a bad credit mobile deal. Some phone networks have incredibly high criteria and some have better low-cost options with deposits that are more manageable.

We've found that our customers have found great deals with Vodafone - They have a great range of cheaper handsets all with good low-cos contracts that are credit for all credit-levels.

If you're set on a particular network because of signal requirements or loyalty then the same advice still applies: Low-cost handsets, lower-cost contracts and paying a deposit if possible will all help in getting a newer handset. Don't forget, you can easily keep your number if you want to switch network. It only takes a text to transfer the number over.

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Deposit or no deposit?

Paying a deposit upfront for your mobile contract has been around for years as an option, however as the cost of handsets has risen it's become increasingly common to see large deposits of £100+ become normal for high-spec phones. The reality is that some of us can't afford (or justify) the initial cost for a new iPhone or Galaxy phone so what can you do if you have bad credit but need a phone contract?

Paying a deposit counts towards you being a good customer in the eyes of the network or phone retailer since you're showing you have available funds but also taking some of the risk away from them. They're basically "renting" out handsets to customers so they love it when customers pay them a little up front. For bad credit mobile customers this means than paying eg £30 towards a £200 handset you're looking like a good customer to the retailer.

This doesn't mean that being able to pay a deposit cancels out your credit score but if for example you're dealing with a retailer over the phone they may be able to negotiate a deposit with you and figur eout the right contract.

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Research handsets before you shop

Customers are usually amazed at what handset are available just because they aren't advertised as widely as the latest models. Samsung's "A" range are fantastic low-cost handsets with great internal specs. It's important to remember that the manufacturers know that they need to make lower-spec phones (just look at Apple and the iPhone SE) to attract more customers. Sometimes these handsets or those from lesser-know phone manufacturers offer great deals!

What are some great mobile phones for bad credit?

Here's some of our top picks if you're looking for a mobile phone contract for bad credit:

Samsung Galaxy A10
Galaxy A10
Infinity-V Display
Samsung Handset
Best On Vodafone
Vodafone Smart V10
Smart V10
IPS Display
13MP + 5MP
Vodafone Exclusive
Most Popular For Bad Credit
Huawei Y6 From Three Mobile
Huawei Y6
HD+ Display
13MP + 8MP
Check Out Other
Huawei Deals
Great Value Unlimited Data

Above is just a few examples of some of our most-popular phone contracts great for bad credit customers. If you'd like help looking at a huge range of deals including no credit check mobiles then we offer a simple, fast service that helps thousands of UK customers find mobile and SIM contracts no matter what their credit rating.